Suzy-Cookie-Nelly-Elton-Jenna, Tug Wyler & Me

The day I graduated Tulane I never thought I’d put to use my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I thought it was just that—BS. Wrong again. In fact, understanding human nature and mindset has been extremely valuable for me as a lawyer and a writer. Behavior boils down to one thing: motive. If you carefully seek out the “why” of a person’s conduct, you’ll arrive at the answer underlying their actions. If you plan on attempting to solve any one of the Tug Wyler Mystery novels, I’d suggest you keep tabs on the motive [...]

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Binge Reading

Why publish three books on one day? This is the question people are asking. The answer is simple. Why not? I’ve binged watched entire TV series—season after season—over a weekend. It’s the American way: instant gratification. Allowing the reading audience to yearn for more after publishing a good read … a thing of the past if you ask me.   Now, most recently, my binge watching was fixated on American Vandal on Netflix. Viewing this series in my most humble opinion should be on the curriculum for all first year [...]

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The Evolution of Rockwell Press, Inc.

A baseball mom suggested that Andy write a book, so he did. Mystery Writers of America suggested he send it to an editor in Woodstock, and off it went. The editor suggested he work with book agent Sterling Lord (notable clients: Jack Kerouac, On the Road and Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), where Andy was offered the honor. Scribner purchased Suzy’s Case where Andy’s marketing individual was shared with Stephen King. Blah, blah, blah. After requesting and receiving his rights back on Suzy’s Case and Cookie’s Case, Andy created [...]

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