Pavarotti’s Wheelchair is an utterly compelling memoir, chronicling the humorous end-of-life journey Andy shared with a fearless cancer fighter: his mother, Adele. Her engaging personality transformed each outing into an unpredictable adventure as they navigated the colorful streets of New York City with Andy as her wheelchair Sherpa. These entertaining anecdotes pay homage to a truly courageous woman who lived life in the moment and on her terms.

Andy is a New York City traumatic brain injury attorney. For decades he’s watched as his truly brave clients struggled to navigate through a life of continuous coping in hopes for a return to normalcy. His mother’s circumstances were different. Her metastatic cancer never impacted her brain function, yet any hope of a return to an ordinary life was never a consideration either. Each illness-enduring episode his mother suffered through effectively became her new and further-deteriorated norm. Yet she rolled with it courageously, with a little help from Pavarotti’s wheelchair.

Andy understands the end of treatment does not necessarily signal the end of cancer’s impact on one’s life, and on the lives of their loved ones. It’s a sad reality that the effects can linger, and they can be both physical and emotional. For this reason, the Cancer Survivorship Program at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center works with you to identify the most appropriate cancer survivorship resources and create a plan to optimize your physical and emotional health after cancer treatment. To that end, all proceeds from the sale of this book shall be donated to the Cancer Survivorship Program.