Binge Reading

Why publish three books on one day? This is the question people are asking. The answer is simple. Why not? I’ve binged watched entire TV series—season after season—over a weekend. It’s the American way: instant gratification. Allowing the reading audience to yearn for more after publishing a good read … a thing of the past if you ask me.
Now, most recently, my binge watching was fixated on American Vandal on Netflix. Viewing this series in my most humble opinion should be on the curriculum for all first year law students. Tyler Alvarez in his role as Peter Maldonado showcases, at its highest level, the art form of deductive reasoning. He demonstrates brilliant creative legal thinking of the sorts Tug Wyler employs when analyzing the case at hand. Maldonado, in efforts to vindicate his “client,” Dylan Maxwell, played by Jimmy Tatro, is a no-nonsense guy and the type of friend you want on your side should you ever be accused of dick-defacing faculty vehicles. Just saying …
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