Praise for Cookie’s Case

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Conversations Book Club selects Cookie’s Case as a Top 10 Fiction Summer Read and a Top 50 Adult Fiction Book for 2015.

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Fresh Fiction

“Just when I thought the life of an attorney is boring, for Tug Wyler it is anything but that. With humor in all the right places, Cookie’s Case has a mixture of some seriousness as well.”

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Beth's Book Reviews

“This is a light, fast read that legal mystery fans are sure to enjoy and I certainly recommend it.”

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Crime Fiction Lover

“Siegel achieves what I thought was impossible: he takes a member of a despised profession, portrays him as a clever, cunning and devious operator, but also as a human being who is completely likeable and a fit and proper literary hero. The wit, humour and honesty of this book make it excellent, and I shall be looking to get hold of a copy of the previous novel, Suzy’s Case (2012) as soon as possible.”

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Andy Siegel was a guest on Cyrus Webb Radio Blog where he discusses Cookie’s Case.

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Community Bookstop

“This book had everything from a candy crush junkie of a wife, to children changing their names to Dirk and Summer, to one of his clients trying to collect on a dry-cleaning bill. I can’t wait to see what this author has next in his Tug Wyler series!”

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“The author is a New York attorney specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice. His technical knowledge gives the offbeat tale a feeling that it could be real. Cookie’s Case is a fun book. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment of Tug Wyler’s adventures.”

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Hey Lorri

“I have to say, I like the humor throughout this book. I had a few laugh-out-loud moments that may have had MH giving me weird looks, but that’s fine by me.”

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Huntington News

“Andy Siegel’s prose rings true and readers will quickly bond with Tug Wyler, who takes cases that are unusual and complex. If you long for the wit and humor of the late, great Donald E. Westlake (1933-2008), you should enjoy Andy Siegel’s memorable Tug Wyler.”

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The Things We Read

“When I first started reading Cookie’s Case, I thought, “oh boy, typical cheesy mystery novel.” It had all the elements of cheesy: lawyers, stripper, old man/young girl dating, and rhyming names. Siegel hooked me right away though. Even with the cheesy elements, this is a damn good novel.”

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Bitter Tea and Mystery

“It is the character of Tug Wyler that makes this book so enjoyable. He is the type of lawyer that is generally called an ambulance chaser, but he has a good heart.”

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Mysterious Reviews

“The eclectic cast of characters in Cookie’s Case make for a very entertaining read.”

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Genre Go Round Reviews

Review by Harriet Klausner

“The latest Tug Wyler Mystery (see Suzy’s Case) is a delightful legal thriller…”

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“If you enjoy a fun and slightly bizarre mystery you will find Tug Wyler the guy to follow. His investigations are both interesting and often funny, but he delivers the goods. The medical drama is also well written, and you will find yourself immersed in a strange and fascinating story of need.”

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Literary R&R

“Having enjoyed the first Tug Wyler medical mystery (Suzy’s Case), I agreed to read the second. Andy Siegel doesn’t disappoint.”

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My Bookish Ways

“The Tug Wyler series by Andy Siegel is great fun, and I loved the first book, Suzy’s Case (if you like your suspense with a bit of twisted humor-and lots of heart-you’ll love these.) I got a chance to ask Andy a few questions about his new book, Cookie’s Case, so please welcome him back to the blog!”

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Mallory Heart Reviews

“Start the story and immediately find yourself engrossed.”

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“Cookie’s Case by Andy Siegel is a delightful tale that will take you to places you have probably not been before. This book proves that trust is a mighty sword and must not be given lightly.”

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“The author of this suspenseful, witty character named Tug Wyler . . . is a man who really knows his subject inside and out, producing another tale that’s a real gem. [Siegel] has an incredibly dry sense of humor and delivers perfectly timed wit to the suspenseful prose.”

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Blogcritics_Cookie's Case Review

“Tug Wyler, surrounded by his idiosyncratic brood, is a character who can carry a series, and if Cookie’s Case is any indication of future performance, count me in.”

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Cookie’s Case is a realistic fast-paced novel that is a mystery but the actual crime is not revealed initially. The writing is addictive with pages flying. The pacing is perfect with visual protagonists and antagonists, family life concerns, and the ethical concerns of a personal-injury attorney. This short concise novel is wonderfully written and a great insightful glimpse into the legal community.”

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Cheryl’s Book Nook

A place to learn about the latest and upcoming books, contests, author interviews, book reviews, and all around fun.

“Cookie’s Case is the second Tug Wyler novel. I first discovered this author with Suzy’s Case. Instantly I became a fan of Mr. Siegel and Tug’s. Tug may not always do things the most orthodox way but he is the people’s champ and has heart. This is why I am in his corner cheering him on. Besides Tug all of the other characters in this book just add to the series.”

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“Cookie’s Case is a novel of torts, tarts, and tough guys. Siegel throws unexpected and entertaining light on the point where surgeons, strippers, PI attorneys, and criminals clash. A fun and eye-opening read.”

Reed Farrel Coleman, NY Times Best Selling author of Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot