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Cookie’s Case is a realistic fast-paced novel that is a mystery but the actual crime is not revealed initially. The writing is addictive with pages flying. The pacing is perfect with visual protagonists and antagonists, family life concerns, and the ethical concerns of a personal-injury attorney. This short concise novel is wonderfully written and a great insightful glimpse into the legal community.”

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“Cookie’s Case is the second Tug Wyler novel. I first discovered this author with Suzy’s Case. Instantly I became a fan of Mr. Siegel and Tug’s. Tug may not always do things the most orthodox way but he is the people’s champ and has heart. This is why I am in his corner cheering him on. Besides Tug all of the other characters in this book just add to the series.”

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“Cookie’s Case is a novel of torts, tarts, and tough guys. Siegel throws unexpected and entertaining light on the point where surgeons, strippers, PI attorneys, and criminals clash. A fun and eye-opening read.”

Reed Farrel Coleman, NY Times Best Selling author of Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot

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